Nightlife and Entertainment in Varkala

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Varkala Nightlife is an experience light years away from the hectic pace of big cities. The visitor must not go to Varkala with the expectation of really living it up, unless the definition of living-it-up is "quiet nights on the beach or on the sea side cliffs enjoying a sunset." Varkala nightlife is designed to meet the quieter side of life with simple and enjoyable activities.


Nightclubs can be found in a few places in Varkala. Some of the resorts offer on-site bars or nightclubs where the traveler can find a variety of music. The sea side cliffs are lined with food stalls, bars and shopping opportunities until around 10 p.m. Along the beaches, the traveler can also find various places to dine and watch the sunset over the ocean.


During the high season of December and January, the Onam and Vishu festivals are in full swing. Celebrate with the locals in religious ceremonies and celebrations that will last through the evening. Enjoy music concerts and dance performances during these festivals. The Temple Festival is a grand site to behold as elephants and brilliantly jewel-adorned ladies make their way through the city ending with a grand fireworks display.

Fishing and Wildlife

Acquire a houseboat and sail the waters, anchor up at a small island for the night and watch the bats as they make their way out to find food at sunset. That is a grand show that will mesmerize the visitor. As the last bat flies away into the moon light, bait a hook and take in a little night-time fishing for a simple quiet meal with friends and family.


Varkala has more than just sunset watching on the cliffs and beaches. You can find a movie theater and catch some fabulous Indian films or catch the newest release. Kathakali dancers perform during the evenings. Take in the great make-up artistry and watch these dancers fascinate the audience, while shocking and surprising them at the same time. Performances can be found at the cultural center as well.

Swim at Beach

Enjoy a dip after the sun goes down. Take a moonlight swim at the beach and enjoy the stars and the music. Talk with the locals and watch the fishing boats come in from a long day. Visit some of the open-air food and beverage stalls.

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