Getting There in Varkala

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Travel by train from trivandrum

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Anurag R S

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From Thiruvananthapurm railway station and bus station, we will get trains and buses directly to Varkala. This is an around 1-hour journey. We can also get taxi from the capital city.  It will be fine if u fix the fair before hiring a taxi.  Important destinations there were Sivagiri Mutt, Janardhana swamy temple, and also a fort nearby named Anjengo Fort.  The beach is sorrounded by cliff and it's one the best silent beaches in India.

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address:Panchakshari, Koduvazhanoor PO, TVPM

Oommen Thomas

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From Kochi take the train to Varkala , trivandrum Take the Transport to Papanasam Beach

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