Eating Out in Varkala

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Exotic Kerala Dishes for your Gastronomic Pleasure

Varkala Restaurants in Kerala India are the home of exotic and spicy Indian gourmet that can fire up your tongue's taste. Due to India’s diverse culture and tradition, there are varied unique Hindu and Moslem dishes that you can have a taste of. Being a predominantly Hindu population, vegetables are the most common dishes. Since Varkala is a seaside place, savory sea dishes are common dishes in the area.

Café Del Mar

This restaurant offers Indian, Italian and Mexican dishes. You can savor the tastefully-prepared fresh fish and seafood. Unlike the vegetarian restaurants, the restaurant offers foreign menu aside from the vegetarian scrumptious dishes. It offers pizza and pasta among its Italian menu and mouth-watering Indian desserts like Badam Halwa are difficult to resist. This dessert is prepared from badam, sugar, ghee and milk. You can also try the Fruit Kheer, which Indians prepare from banana, yoghurt, sugar, saffron strands and chili powder.  Restaurants do not offer alcoholic beverages but in more internationally-inspired restaurants, wine and beer are offered discreetly.

Local Dishes

Because of its strategic location at the cliff top near the coastline, this restaurant offers delectable local seafood dishes like fully roasted marlin, butterfish, delectable shark baked or curried in coconut milk. While savoring your delicious meal, you can also marvel at the awesome view of the surrounding terrain. You can watch the sunset from your ideal vantage point. Your experience  can be a mouth-watering activity and an eye-satiating view.

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