Beaches in Varkala

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Varkala Beaches are surrounded by the natural beauty of the landscape of the Arabian Sea. The landscape is surrounded by footpaths around the cliff that are paved, coconut trees and the ocean water.

Varkala Beaches are at their best during October and April because it is sunnier during that part of the year. However, from December to February the weather gets cold. August is one of the worst months to visit the Varkala Beaches, because the humidity its at its peak.

Verkala Beach

This beach is a 10-minute ride away from the downtown area of Varkala. People can reach the beach by train. The train ride costs around $1. The beach has several shops where tourists can buy food, souvenirs and cigars. There are different hotels where tourists can enjoy air-conditioned rooms, nice food and drinks. Tourists love to visit the beach because of the sparkling waters and because of the beauty of the cliff.

On different occasions people can even find elephants that they can pet and wash for a fee. There are tourists guides who arrange trips around the coast.

People can sun bathe at the beach or enjoy a meal at the near by restaurant. 

Papanasam Beach

This beach is called Papanasam meaning "Destroyer of Sins." The Janardhana Swamy temple is located in the southern part of the beach. It is needless to say that tourists need to be dressed in a modest manner when visiting this site. Pilgrims meet at this site in order to perform the lasts religious rites for those who have past away.

There are different spas in the area where people can relax. People can also visit the hot springs. Most people think this hot springs have curative properties.

Black Beach

Black Beach is adjacent to the southern portion of the beach. The locals call this Black Beach because the sand is black. This is the quieter side of the beach. The stairs offer easy access from the cliff to the beach. 

Tourists and pilgrims can visit the mineral waters near the beach. These mineral waters are said to have healing powers. Once people visit the beach there are many different activities they can participate in. Tourists can enjoy para-sailing, build sand castles and play volleyball.

Varkala beaches are beautiful; however tourists need to be careful. The current tends to be strong and this can be dangerous. 

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