Bars and Cafes in Varkala

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When visiting Varkala, bars and cafes are not hard to find. Littering the seaside cliffs and the beaches, Varkala bars and cafes are small and friendly and provide a stable range of entertainment, great seafood and fantastic regional foods with great names such as:

The Funky Art Cafe

This cafe is quite popular among the tourists and is definitely climbing the ranks of being the place to be. The Funky Art Cafe is a non-vegetarian restaurant and can be the center of activity with live music every night of the week. Alcohol is served in this fine establishment as well as delicious seafood and other regional foods.

The Quaint Sunshine Cafe

The Quaint Sunshine Cafe not only offers the visitor a relaxing and well-served meal, this cafe has a wonderful view of the sea. Try the Arabian salad and Jeera rice with papaya juice that will be served to you by friendly staff who watch to accommodate your every need.

The Juice Shack

The Juice Shack is not located on the seaside cliffs but it is a definite must visit. Everything is freshly made and the visitor can choose from a great vegetarian menu with squash, salads and juices. If the visitor is participating in the yoga classes, this little cafe is the best place to help purify the body with their great menu of rice, vegetables, fruits and juices. It is good even if the visitor is not seeking the enlightenment of yoga. It is a good place to have a wonderful breakfast.

Dolphin Bay

The staff here is unbeatable in fast and friendly service. The visitor can order drinks here and be assured they have been served the best. Dolphin Bay has music and an interior worth the visit. Ordering a meal and drink will be rewarded with a little something special for the visitor as gifts are presented to the diner at the end of their meal.

Cafe Del Mar

Cafe Del Mar, with its fast friendly service, also offers the visitor a variety of regional foods such as Mexican, Italian and Indian. This cafe is popular with visitors because they can get whatever flavor suits their fancy and not feel as if they have gone that far away from home. Although Mexican food that is served still clings to the Indian cuisine side a bit, it is also tasty.

The Rock and Roll Cafe

The Rock and Roll Cafe serves the best Indian food in Varkala with live music played for the entertainment of the diners. Kick back and order up some great Indian food and drink, then enjoy the lively music and don't be in a hurry to end the evening.

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