Festivals in Kerala

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Kanikkonna- The state flower

Kanikkonna- The state flower

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The State Festival

' Onam' is the state festival of Kerala. It is being celebrated as per the Kerala yearing system known as Kollavarsham. Mostly it is celebrated in Augest-September and the entire state will be in a festive mood then. It is being celebration in comemmoration of king Mahabali returning to visit his people in his land.

The Harvest Festival

' Vishu' is the harvest festival of Kerala. Again it is being celebrated as per Kollavarsham and it used to comes in the middle of March. Its is the beginning of summer season and the speciality of this festival is that you can find 'Kanikkonna', the state flower all over the state like a golden blanket.

Religious Festivals

Kerala is a secular state and you can find people from lot many religions leaving in harmony. Religious festivals a many to be listed.

Kunnimony is a rare festival of south central kerala when little kid girls attain puberty. They shower kunnimony (a kind of tree-seed) from a fragile glass container. Thot of as a rare breed of celebrating puberty.


Thiruvadira -  A Womans festival

This festival commomerates the death of Kamadeva the Cupid God.  A visit to the Shiva Temple in the morning, fasting and eating Thiruvathira Kali are some of the key activities

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