Chikmaglur Travel Guide

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Chikmagalur is situated in south western part of Karnataka. Carved against a mountainous canvas this beautiful malnad district is full of surprises... lofty peaks... delightful dales... racing rivers... sparkling streams... captivating cascades... and the bracing mountain air - a balm to the work-weary.  Climb high above the world where the mountains seem to touch the sky. Marvel at the unspoilt beauty of the snow-white coffee blossoms. To add adventure to enchantment this hilly district has some exciting trekking routes in the Western Ghats.

In Chickmagalur district, the major commercial crop is coffee. Other commercial crops are Pepper, Cashew nuts etc.. mullain giri, the highest peak  in Karnataka (viz., 6,317 feet high from Sea Level) is 12 Kms away from Chickmagalur. Number of rivers originates from the hills of Chickmagalur district and flow in all the seasons.  Rivers such as, Bhadra, Tunga, Hemavathi, Netravathi & Vedavathi. Several minerals are found in the district such as iron, magnetite, granite etc., major iron ore company in Asia is located at Kudremukha in Mudigere taluk of Chickmagalur district.

The district is dotted with many holy spots and abounds in legends associated with stories from the great epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Right from ancient times the numerous 'agraharas' have been lively centers of educational and cultural pursuits. Dating back to the early centuries of the Christian era are numerous epigraphs which give a vivid pictures of the rise and fall of empires in the state

Some of the most beuatiful places to see in and around chikmaglur are

1. Kalathgiri - Waterfall and a trecking spot - 60 kms from chikmaglur

2. Kemmanu gundi - Its a point on the highest peak of mountian range. Lots of view points around this place takes you to another world.  65 kms from chikmaglur.

3. Abbe falls -  One of the most beautiful water falls in Karnataka, less inhibitated by people. Its now getting more popularity on weekend by attracting more treckers from banglore.

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