Day Trips in Hampi

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Anuradha Goyal

If you are visiting Hampi, day trips are a great way to explore this tourist destination in Karnataka, India. Hampi is where the ruins of the Vijayanagara Empire are found. This is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many beautiful places to visit within Hampi, with its ancient buildings, relics, and religious sites. One place worth a day’s trip is Anegondi. Although some say that Anegondi is just a place of ruins, most people appreciate the archaic and ethereal beauty of the place.

Anegondi Trip

If you want to visit ancient ruins and marvel at the history behind them, then you can cross the river using a coracle. Visit Anegondi where ancient ruins of the Hanuman temple are located in the Anjana Hills. The amazing 600 steps are what visitors marvel most. You can explore the ruins and bask in the natural beauty of the place. The Vijayanagara relics are there for you to admire. The ferry may close at 6 p.m. so ascertain that you return by that time. If you are unable to, then you will have to take a longer trip by land for about 65 miles to Hampi.

Getting to Anegondi

You can hire a car to travel to Anegondi. Traveling by land would allow you to enjoy more of the scenery of Karnataka. The rolling hillsides and uniquely Indian countryside will provide you enough scenes for your camera. You can also choose a motorcycle to avoid traffic jams. Be prepared for busy streets and packed roads. The good thing about it, is that you can learn more about the Indians of Hampi with this motorcycle travel. Having a ready alternative plan is wise and recommended, as travel time in Hampi can be irregular and uncertain. This is due to the volume of vehicles, which may be on the road at that particular time.

Food in Anegondi

You can carry some food with you if you want to, but there are inexpensive restaurants within the area. You may opt to savor the Indian cuisine in these restaurants. Indian dishes are spicy, but have a particular exotic taste of their own.

Price of Travel

The price of the ferry will cost you about a dollar or two, while extra luggage, just a few cents. The bus trip fares range from $2 to $10. If you want to hire a car, it costs around$30 to $40. You can enlist the help of a tourist guide for $20 to $30. The prices are affordable because of the local currency conversion, which fluctuates from a dollar for Rs45 to Rs47.

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