Things to do in Hampi

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Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Apart from the glorious remnants of the great Vijaynagar dynasty, this small town has some unique things to offer. Hampi Things to Do include the following:

Getting Close to the Indian Rural Life

If you really want to see the rural India then you must take a ferry boat from the bathing ghats near Hampi Bazaar and go to the other side of the river. The first things that will take you by surprise are the round shaped boats, also known as coracles which are used for carrying people across the river. The ride will definitely be an enjoyable one. This will take you to a completely different world than Hampi town. The area known as Virupapur is a very small village. You will find small huts of the farmers, oxen used for plowing the fields, heaps of paddy straws lying by the roadside and a big modern restaurant in the midst of these. The stark contrast of bucolic mixing with modernization will definitely make you thoughtful.

Tour of Hampi in a Horse Cart

You may have visited places in a luxury car or by super luxury flights but Hampi does not have any of those. Even if you visit Hampi in any of these modern modes of transport, they will not match with the tone of the town. This small town is best visited in a Tonga (horse cart). The horse carts are very vibrant in color and are decorated in a very Indian way. The horses are also decorated to match them with the color of the horse cart. A ride across the Hampi roads in a horse cart is something which you should never miss.

Trekking in the Rocky Hills

Hampi, from an astrologer’s perspective, appears to be a lunar surface with its rocky terrain. In and around Hampi, there are a number of small and big rocky hills which are ideal for trekking. The closest is near Hampi Bazaar. This place has a temple at the top which attracts some visitors but few can reach the top as there is no road leading to the top and you have to climb rocks to reach the next level. It is recommended that you start the trekking during the afternoon so that you reach the top just before the sunset. The panoramic sight of the surroundings during the sunset is awesome and the view of red colors of the rocks beaming with the setting sun is inexplicable.

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