Shopping in Hampi

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Hampi shopping is probably the best to save for the end of the traveling. Shops are all around Hampi. Most of them are outside of the Virupaksa temple and all around the temple selling clothes, jewelry, bags, scarfs, toys and all other things that attract tourists. All of these things are from different parts of India. Bargaining for the prices is highly acceptable, and it can be fun.  If you want a tailor made dress, just head to one of the shops and order one. It will be done in a day. Don’t try to buy alcohol in the city because it is prohibited.

Hampi Bazar

This place has a number of shops--shops for tourist clothes, souvenirs and handcraft shops. This place is a labyrinth, and in every single passage, you will find small shops, interesting restaurants, café shops, and you can buy almost everything. There are hippie style dresses and shirts, jewels, bags, wooden statues of Gods, paintings, etc. This is a paradise for American and western shoppers. If a woman tourist wants to buy Sari, this is not the right place. Better look somewhere else, but jewelry here is amazing and tourists should definitely buy something for friends and family here.

The Kishkinda Trusty

This is a trust that opened a program of developing a local community, and 500 women are working there producing clothes and selling them all across India. The clothes are made out of natural cotton, banana fibre and silk. So, these products are the cheapest in Hampi and tourists can get them anywhere around the city. The Kishkinda Trust shop is located just behind the Virupaksa temple. Here, women tourists can find handmade Sari in every color and they look amazingly alive.

Hoova Craft Shop & Café

The Hoova craft shop and café is located in the city center. While tourists are having coffee or tea in the place, they can always look around at the handicrafts and local goods. This place is perfect for when one gets tired from walking around the city, sightseeing and shopping. A relaxed atmosphere always makes people want to buy something. It works every day until 5pm, and the pries here are quite high. However, bargaining is accepted and a good price is always arranged. 

Aspiration store

This is a book store located just a bit to the north from the city center. Here, you can find famous Indian and foreign books. This is also a really nice place to relax and enjoy the time.

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