Nightlife and Entertainment in Hampi

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Aside from the famous temples and attractions, there are also several known bars that can ignite your Hampi nightlife. Hampi is a village in the Karnataka state of India. It features a cornucopia of cultural structures like temples, monuments and old buildings that represent its colorful and rich culture. Hampi is also home to great bars and casual night clubs that party-goers consistently visit to have fun and to meet new people. Although there aren’t actually a lot of such clubs in the area, tourists can still enjoy their nights in Hampi by visiting some establishments that choose to stay open during the late night hours. These places are almost always confined in the hotels around the area. Here are some of the notable events that Hampi can offer you:

Parties at Hampi’s Boulder Resort

The Hampi’s Boulder Resort is one of the most-well known tourist hubs in the area. This hotel facility is very unique among others because of the aesthetic use of boulders for the resort’s amenities, function, rooms, etc. What you should watch out for here are the party events and social functions that are open to guests and walk-in tourists alike. These social gatherings are privately organized by several professional groups in Hampi, Karnataka, or by the resort itself. You can enjoy entertaining band performances, party music and other entertainment. They also serve a variety of scrumptious cuisines that cater to all gastronomes. Those who are staying in the lodge usually pay less to attend these events compared to walk-in visitors, though the rates are still affordable.

Chill Out Bamboo Cafe

This is one of the few establishments in Hampi that is open during the late hours. The Chill Out Bamboo Cafe is a typical restaurant during the day, but is a great casual site for groups looking for a place to chill. You will enjoy the cool gentle breezes in the bamboo huts in this cafe. There is a wide selection of great cocktails, beers and other drinks that you and your friends can enjoy. Sometimes local bands and performing artists are invited to entertain guests.

Rock Climbing Events

Hampi is a famous place for rock climbers. There are lots of annual competitions that you should watch out for. Just like watching any other sporting events, you will surely enjoy the energetic crowd in these rock climbing events.

These are some of the great places that you should visit in Hampi if you are looking for fun Hampi entertainment around the clock.

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