Eating Out in Hampi

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There are lots of little cafes around the bazar, mostly part of guesthouses, with reasonable prices and the usual tourist fare.

If you are going to be traveling to Hampi and want to find some of the best places to eat, Hampi restaurants have everything you might want. There are a lot of different kinds of cuisines available, and you can taste some of the best.

The Goan Corner

The Goan Corner restaurant offers plenty of variety in Indian cuisine. You can experience the small and fun restaurant that offers traditional Indian dishes with rice, vegetarian options and a variety of platters to experience your own Indian favorites. The casual cafe is a great place to stop for a light meal or an afternoon break in the city.

Shiv Moon

The Shiv Moon restaurant offers elegant dining for those who want to relax and enjoy fine cuisine prepared with Indian spices. The restaurant is more expensive than some of the others you may find, but the food and elegant dining experience make it one of the Hampi restaurants you should try.

New Shanti

The New Shanti restaurant offers old and new dishes with Indian style. You can sample some of the local flavors of Hampi while choosing from the menu items. You can make it a casual meal and enjoy one of the lighter rice and vegetarian dishes or find the larger meals with a lot of spice and flavor. You can also enjoy the views across the river.


The Geetha restaurant is one of the local favorites because of its traditional cooking. The food is made fresh, and you can enjoy the different dishes. The restaurant serves Southern Indian Thaly food which includes a variety of grilled vegetables with a spicy sauce and curd. This restaurant is not to be confused with Geetha's Riverside Restaurant.

Kiran Guesthouse Roof Restaurant

The Kiran Guesthouse Roof Restaurant offers traditional south Indian cuisine with plenty of choices for vegetables and sauces. You can enjoy your meal on the rooftop and overlook the city streets. The rooftop also overlooks the scenic views of the water and offers you a chance to relax. Try the different varieties of food and vegetables and the spicy sauces which are used to make the curd dishes. As indicated in the name, Kiran also has rooms available for lodging.

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Under The Mango Tree

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About 400 meter to the west from the bazar, this little cafe is actually under a big mango tree. Getting there involves a nice walk along the river and then under the banana trees.

The food is excellent and the service is also great, but being there is what this place is about. The view over the river is great and the quiet is a nice break from the postcard sellers near the temples.

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