Hampi Travel Guide

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The view of the hampi market (Stiched photograph)

The view of the hampi market (Stiched photograph)


This Hampi travel guide will tell you all you need to know about this backpacker's destination. Hampi lies in the Indian state of Karnataka and is very popular amongst Indians as well as international tourists.

Travel to Hampi

Traveling to Hampi is easy and can be reached by bus quickly from a nearby town called Hospet. One can also reach here by rail, which is much quicker and safer. Basically, one needs to fly by an airplane either to Mangalore, Mysore or Bangalore, from which a bus can be secured easily and at a low price.


Hampi caters to the taste of international tourists and hence has a good number of small cafes and restaurants that serve up excellent cuisine from all over the world, including yummy pancakes. But, if you want to sample the real fare of Hampi, then you must definitely head to the Hampi Bazaar, which houses many restaurants that serve typical South Indian food. A must visit restaurant when in Hampi has surely got to be the Mango Tree Restaurant.


Hampi was actually the medieval capital of the Hindu empire Vijayanagara. In fact, so richly steeped in history and culture is Hampi that it has been listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites! One can never be bored in Hampi viewing the 500-odd monuments, most of which are carved in stone. Remains of early civilizations including old-time markets, houses and palaces can yet be seen. Further, tourists will be enthralled with the humongous stone formations in and around Hampi.

Places to Stay

Finding a place to stay is no problem in Hampi. There are a large number of guesthouses, lodges and villas with rooms to rent at really cheap rates. However, one may not find many hotels to live in when visiting Hampi. This is because most of the accomodation facilities ar run by families and generally consist of 4 or 5 rooms each.

Natural Products

Hampi is known for its production of natural products such as natural leaf plates, ornaments carved out of stone and natural stones like marble and granite. One should not leave Hampi without shopping for a souvenir of this kind. Besides, Hampi is also known to produce natural and organic foods. So, you can be sure of getting a meal cooked with freshly produced and naturally grown products.


You won't believe what you're seeing when visiting Hampi. Hampi was the former capital of a great Hindu empire in the Deccan plateau. In its heydey it was a fairytale city with many temples, palaces and the most beautiful of mansions. The city was robbed of all its strength and splendor in 1565 AD when the then ruler Rama Raya was defeated and killed by a confederation of Mughal kings. The remains of the capital, its many temples are one of the most impressive sights in Karnataka State.

You'll probably arrive at Hampi main bazaar. From there you can explore the whole area. Visit the temples or gaze at the rocky lansdscape with its winding river where you can find an alienationing sight of locals doing their laundry and then all of a sudden, in the middle of nowhere, the ruins of the World Heritage Vittala Temple Complex with its famous stone chariot, many pillars and lovely smelling jasmine trees. Hampi can also be visited as a (two)day trip from either Goa or Bangalore.

Don't forget your money - the government levy a $ 5 entrance fee for the entrance to both the Lotus Mahal and the Vittalla Temple.



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