Top 5 Must Do's in Gokarna

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There are five Gokarna Must Do’s that you have to enjoy before leaving this wonderful area. Gokarna is mainly a religious place in Karnataka, so there are many beautiful temples as well as beautiful beaches.

1. Visit Temples

Mahabalesvara Temple is the main attraction in Gokarna. Although the structure itself isn’t extraordinary, the temple is worth experiencing. The tranquility of the temple is unparalleled. People who practice religions other than Hindu are not allowed inside the temple, but if you can, visit this as well as the many other temples located in Gokarna.

2. Soak in the Water and Sands

The beaches of Gokarna are a great opportunity to enjoy the weather in Gokarna. Kudle beach is the closest to the city, however there are other beaches you can get to that offer more solitude. Om Beach, Half-moon Beach and Paradise Beach can either be reached by boat or an hour long trek to get there is well worth it.

3. Go Trekking by Moonlight

This is absolutely the best way to trek from Kudle Beach to Paradise Beach. It’s amazing to see the reflection of the moon on the water while climbing the rocky cliffs along the way. It is important that you take some precautions however, like trekking in a group, carry torches, snacks and water. Also, go with someone who has experienced this trek before.

4. Go on a Safari

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is a 6 hour drive from Gokarna. Here they offer tours through the reserve where you can see a black panther, giant iguanas, tigers, bison and the Malabar Squirrel. You will safely travel with an experienced guide and see many species of animals and birds. Another star attraction of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is the Hornbill. The Malabar Pied Hornbill and The Great Indian Hornbill are an essential part of this sanctuary. Listen to wild birdsongs or take in glorious sunsets. This is definitely a way to make your vacation to Gokarna a little more exciting.

5. Go White-Water Rafting

While you are in Dandeli why not take on the river in a raft? White water rafting on the Kali River is an experience that few can pass up. The river offers rafting, white-water rafting, kayaking and canoeing. If that’s not enough for you, there are overnight rafting and canoeing excursions, as well as trekking, mountain biking or cycling. Dandeli breaks up the monotony of a regular beach vacation.

During your visit to Gokarna, take in all the beaches, the temples and a visit to Dandeli.

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