Things to do in Gokarna

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View from a cliff, Gokarna

View from a cliff, Gokarna


There are many Gokarna things to do around this sacred town. Gokarna is an important center of the Hindu religious culture, but also an excellent choice for a beach holiday trip, especially for those of you attracted to more serene destinations. Let's look at some of the activities the region can offer.

Temple Visit

Many fascinating Hindu temples are located all around Gokarna. Some of them are the Dhareshwara, the Gunavanteshwara, the Murudeshwara and Shejjeshwara temples, but most impressive is the Mahabaleshwara Temple – considered as being one of the holiest places in India. Visiting one of these temples is an ideal way to learn more about the Hindu culture.

Yoga Practicing

India is the motherland of the ancient art of Yoga, which makes Gokarna an excellent place for Yoga practicing and gives a good opportunity for beginners to get familiar to this art. There are a couple of places around where you can practice under the supervision of qualified teachers (so-called Gurus), such as the Namaste Yoga Farm near Kudle Beach and the SwaSwara Resort near Om Beach. Both of these places offer other leisure activities as well.

Moonlight Beach Hiking

The area around Gokarna offers various hiking options, best of which is the Moonlight Beach Hiking, starting from Gokarna Beach all the way down to Paradise Beach. The trip usually lasts less than 3 hours and is possible because the beaches are perfectly visible at moonlight and very close to each other. Be careful with the transition from Halfmoon Beach to Paradise Beach, since the route is a bit difficult and you may get lost.

Extreme Swimming

Expert swimmers looking for something particularly challenging and extreme should try swimming in the waters around Kudle Beach. They are the most dangerous waters in the area, firstly because they pull you towards the ocean, and secondly because as you’re getting further from the shore, the depth increases drastically without you even noticing it. The risk is increased by the absence of lifeguards around, so give it a try only if you feel confident in your skills.

Other Activities

There are many more tourist activities available, like boat riding, kayaking and snorkeling. Beach volleyball is popular too. The Om Beach Resort and the SwaSwara Resort are excellent places to experience the magic of the Ayurvedic Healing Massage for the first time. You should certainly visit one of the local restaurants and taste some delicious vegetarian meals too.

You can hike from one beach to another and do just what you did on the previous beach. These are small but interesting hikes.

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