Sights in Gokarna

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Situated south of Goa, spectacular beaches make Gokarna sights a great attraction to beach aficionados. Gokarna, situated on the west coast of India, has always had religious significance for the Hindus because of the ancient Shiva temple. Of late the beaches are beckoning young and old, local and foreign tourists as well.

This ancient pilgrimage town on the Karwar coast of the Arabian Sea is in the North Kannada district of Karnataka State, in the southern part of India. Situated between two rivers, Gangavali and Agnashini, the town is on a land shaped like a cow’s ear and so gets the name; go - cow and karna - ear.

Mahabaleshwara Temple

Venerated by Hindus as enshrining Atmalinga, this temple has quite a few wonderful mythological legends connected with it. The car street around the temple is populated mostly by the temple priests, typically bustling with small shops selling paraphernalia used in temple, souvenirs and food stuff. People bathe in the sea, make sand idols of God and then do their worship.

Other Temples

 Other temples to visit are Maha Ganapathy Temple, Uma Maheshwari Temple, Varadaraja Temple, Tamra Gowri Temple and Venkataramana Temple. There is a man-made tank named Kotiteertha surrounded by temples used for idol immersion and ritual bathing.


Gokarna is a bustling tourist center thanks to some of the greatest beaches in India. Backpackers, budget travelers, locals and foreigners enjoy the unspoiled beaches. It is best to bring your own bedding. Small huts are available for staying.

Om Beach

Shaped like the auspicious ‘Om’ sign, this is the most unspoiled beach in Gokarna. There are actually two arcs of beaches there, separated by an outcrop of rock. Formerly it can be reached only by a foot path, though now some mud roads have been made. Some tea shops and huts are available. It may be crowded during weekends because of local tourists.

Kudle Beach

This is a very beautiful, one-kilometre long sparkling white sandy beach. A fringe of palm trees adds to the attraction, and there are simple huts and some dating places. Fresh water is available here. You can reach this beach by a 20-minute walk from the town.

Half Moon Beach

This is a smaller beach, very attractive and surrounded by rugged short hill cliffs and coves and small islets.

Paradise Beach

This beach is on Paradise Bay. One can trek along the beach from Om Beach, and reach Paradise Bay and Half Moon Beaches.

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