Shopping in Gokarna

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A small town in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, Gokarna is famous for its tourist attractions and beaches and Gokarna Shopping. Gokarna means "cow’s ear" from which Lord Shiva is said to have emerged. This bustling temple town famous for its world renowned temples is a hot spot for tourists from all over the world. Gokarna is easily accessible from the main cities in Karnataka and is well connected with the rest of the world by trains and busses. With its temples and beaches Gokarna is a town of contrasts. There are both holiday goers and tourists visiting this attractive place that ahs so much to offer to both types of visitors. Given below are some details on Gokarna Shopping.

Gokarna Street Shopping

Street markets are a local specialty that every tourist enjoys at Gokarna. You can find knick-knacks and interesting stuff on the streets of Gokarna. There are several small shops lined up on after the other on the main streets of Gokarna attracting the tourists with their brightly colored merchandise. You can find hippy clothes, dresses, harem pants, zari bags, fisherman pants, post cards, yellow-colored leather flip-flops, embroidered shoes, and balloon skirts, all quite popular with tourists. If you are good at bargaining, you can finalize deals for just INR 100 for a few pieces of clothing. Other than clothes you will also find some shops selling interesting curios. These curios can make perfect souvenirs for your near and dear ones back at home. Do ensure that you take your time and visit all the shops first viewing their merchandise before you decide to start shopping. Do not get pushed into buying items from these shopkeepers who are good at selling their wares. If you feel you are being pressurized to buy, be sure that you politely but firmly decline the offer and move on.

Gokarna Temple Street Shopping

Another place to shop at Gokarna is near the temples, especially near the streets of the Lord Mahabaleshwara temple. The streets around the temple are laden with small shops selling various interesting items like brass idols, trishuls, brass lamps, bells and statues too. You can find statues and idols of different Hindu deity’s. There are several shops selling pooja articles, flowers, spices and incenses too. The sandalwood incense is the most famous pooja item that is sold in most of the shops here. If you fancy some beaded jewelery, then you can find that too in these shops. Be sure to look around before you start your shopping.




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