Nightlife and Entertainment in Gokarna

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Gokarna is a village in the Uttara Kannada district in India, and due to the fact that this is considered a holy area, there isn’t much to be had in terms of bars, but there are still Gokarna nightlife and entertainment that you can enjoy during your stay in this city. It’s both a pilgrimage site and a tourist destination for most people visiting India. 

Hunters Lodge

This place is not only a restaurant and bar, but it’s also a tribute to Gokarna’s history. This lodge at one time housed the Shikaris that would accompany the royal family during their personal hunting trips. Here you can get some of the finest wines that Gokarna has to offer. The fact that this place has history and ties to royalty simply adds to it’s charm. If you’re interested in taking in the history of the area while drinking and having fun, then this is definitely the place for you.

Harmony Spa Pool Bar

This bar is located inside the Gokarna Forest Resort. This pool side bar is perfect for a tranquil evening of winding down and letting your cares be washed away. The bar is literally beside the pool, which not only adds to relaxation but also the aesthetic appeal. This bar isn’t limited to hotel guests either. Whether you’re actually a guest at the hotel or want to stop by the place, you are welcome. This place allows you to go swimming in the pool and then drinking if you choose to afterwards. If you’re interested in going for a swim and then going to the bar, then this is definitely the place for you.


With the fact that there aren’t many bars in the area, it’s fortunate that the beaches are open to the public at night. Each one of the beaches has it’s own charm that it brings to the area. The lack of ambient lighting from industrial buildings gives a perfect view of the night sky and stars from the beautiful beaches. This area probably has one of the most crystal clear views of the night sky.

Remember that this area isn’t geared towards the nightlife, but if you’re looking for some nighttime entertainment in the area, then these are definitely some of places you’re going to want to check out.

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