Getting Around in Gokarna

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Gokarna Transportation is like any other small township in India. The town is well-known for its white beaches and ancient temples. It holds the same importance in Southern India as Kashi in Northern India.

Easy Modes

The most convenient mode of getting around this small township is by walking. Those adventure enthusiasts can have great time trekking the small hills to reach the various beaches around Gokarna. The other attractions of the town are within walking distance, and the weather is perfect to enjoy the surrounding natural beauty of the town. Walking is one way of getting to know the town better. 

Ferry is also popular here, since it connects the beaches around the town. Usually they are shared boats which charge around Rs.50 to Rs.100 per passenger depending on the distance traveled. Reserving a boat for beach rides can cost around Rs.400 to Rs.500.

Cycle rickshaw service is also available for moving around town. The rickshaw drivers charge minimal amounts. This is ideally suited for two adults, however kids are also allowed. This transportation is best for short distances. Those having difficulty walking or those with young children can use this transportation method.

Other Transportation

Other modes of getting around this small township are taxi and auto rickshaw. Both are readily available. Auto rickshaws are usually on a shared basis, while taxis can be reserved after a small bargaining attempt. It should be noted the traveling time to reach the beaches is almost the same as on foot through the hills. Taxi is just better if you do not want to walk.


Deciding when to Visit Gokarna

Heading on a trip to Gokarna, when to go may be one of the primary questions concerning your travel plans. For the local population, Gokarna is an important religious center, but for tourists it is most attractive with its wonderful unspoiled beaches. To see most of them, you should visit Gokarna during the summer season. The rest of the year offers pleasant weather as well, but avoid visiting the village during the major religious holidays.

Summer Season

The summer season extends from the months of March to May. The average maximum and minimum temperatures are 18 degrees Celsius (64 degrees Fahrenheit) and 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). However, April and May can sometimes get uncomfortably dry and hot, so the best choice for a visit is March, when the weather is more balanced. Be careful not to overdo the sunbathing, because the sun tends to be strong. Don’t be tempted to enter too deep into the sea, because the waters are wild and suitable only for expert swimmers.

Religious Holidays

The most notable religious holiday takes place during the Maha Shivaratri festival, usually celebrated in February. Over 300,000 pilgrims visit Gokarna for the 4-day celebration. There are several reasons why you should avoid visiting the village during these days. You will experience a serious trouble in finding a place to stay. The pilgrims are sensitive to the fact you are wearing provocative beach wear, and this may cause unpleasant experiences.


Gokarna Hotels
provide the visitors a comfortable and safe place to stay. A 13-hour bus ride from Bangalore will take you to this beautiful beach side destination in the state of Karnataka in India. Read on to find about the various hotels in this area.

Namaste Cafe

Namaste Cafe is an apt hotel for the budget traveler. It is located on Om Beach. Every room has a beach view. The cost of the rooms at this hotel is between $8 and $15. Breakfast is served at the hotel's restaurant. You can sip on your morning cup of coffee by enjoying the breathtaking view of the beach. The sound of the waves and the cool breeze creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in the hotel. The restaurant is famous for its Mediterranean cuisine.

Om Resort

This is one of the best and luxurious places to stay in Gokarna. Om Resort is located 1.5 km away from Om Beach. The top selling rooms in this resort are the 12 colonial suites. The charges for a double room are $80, inclusive of breakfast. The hotel also has an Ayurvedic spa, where you can treat yourself to some great Indian massages.

Om Hotel

This is another budget hotel in Gokarna. It is located adjacent to the bus depot. There is nothing fancy about this hotel. The hotel is well-maintained and provides basic amenities like clean sheets and fluffy pillows. You can find a room at this hotel for $6 per night. Do not expect a lot as this hotel has no frills attached. The hotel provides a comfortable stay at a highly economical rate.


Shastri's is a guest house in Gokarna. It stands facing the bus depot and is closer to the beach. The view during sunset from the rooms will truly amaze you. This hotel mainly caters to foreigners. The hygiene and cleanliness quotient is high, compared to other hotels in this price range. The rooms here are available for $6. The food is prepared by a local chef who caters to the pallet of the guests.

Gokarna International

Gokarna International is located in the heart of the city. Om Beach is seven km from this hotel. There are various Hindu temples surrounding this hotel. The hotel has different categories of rooms available. The three-bed room suite works out to be a spacious and comfortable option and costs merely $7. The automobile or local transport, a three-wheeled drive, are easily available right outside this hotel.
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