Gokarna Travel Guide

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View from a cliff, Gokarna

View from a cliff, Gokarna


This Gokarna travel guide will give you an in-depth idea about this coastal town in the state of Karnataka in India. This town is filled with natural beauty and makes for a quick getaway. Read on to find out more.

Getting There

Gokarna can be accessed from multiple points in Karnataka. International travelers can fly in to either the Bangalore International Airport or travelers from the Middle East can take direct flights to Mangalore. Airlines like Air India fly to Mangalore from destinations like Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait and other countries in the Middle East. The Bangalore International Airport is much larger, and the major airlines flying to this destination are Air France, Singapore Airlines, Thai airways and British Airways to name a few. You can take a bus from Bangalore to Gokarna, which is 453 kilometers away. Mangalore is just 59 kilometers from Gokarna and can be reached by road.


Do not expect a Hilton Resort in Gokarna. This is a small beach town in the coastal region of Karnataka. There are various hotels and guest houses to choose from. The daily tariffs are highly inexpensive. Accommodation here ranges from budget class hotels to mid level hotels. If you are looking for a mid level hotel, then the OM Resort located at a distance of 1.5 kilometers from the beach is a great place to stay.


Most of the restaurants in Gokarna are found next to the beach. You can sample the Indian cuisine at the restaurants in Gokarna without any inhibitions, as the spice levels are kept low in order to cater to the foreigners. Most of the restaurants have a beach view and the best amongst the lot is the Namaste Cafe restaurant. Housed in a hotel, this restaurant is more like a shack and offers the best Mediterranean food in town.


Gokarna is known for two things, its temples and its beautiful beaches. The Om beach is the most famous beach in the whole of Gokarna and like most of the things in India, this beach also has a mythological significance. The temples in this region are held at high esteem by people all over India. The Mahabaleshwar Temple is the most famous amongst the lot and is a must visit.

Getting Around

Gokarna is a very small town, hence you will not need any form of transport. This town is best explored by foot. But, if you wish to take the local transport, then the auto or rickshaw is available. This three wheeled vehicle is a great way to travel in the town. Make sure you brush up on your haggling skills.


Gokarna is situated on the west coast on India, south of Goa. Go-karna literally means "cow's ear" in Hindi and Sanskrit. This name is believed to have been derived from mythological legend, in which Lord Shiva emerges from an ear of a cow. This village is formed in between two rivers, which flow together and form a landmass shaped like a cow's ear.

It is very rich in olden culture and tribal area with full of nature love.

This place is famous for religious Hindu rituals, as well as it's wonderful (and not so secluded anymore) beaches. These beaches are separated by cliffs. There are four main beaches: Kudle beach, Om beach, Halfmoon beach, and Paradise beach.


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