Beaches in Karnataka

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Karnataka has some beautifull beaches on the Western Coast. Starting from the south the Someshwar Beach with its Large rock jutting out into the sea and the Rock temple above is popular with tourists. Next is the famous Ullal Beach, a clean and quiet beach with the Summer Sands Beach Resort an hot spot for tourists. The other beaches after mangalore city are the Thaneer bhavi, Panambur, surthkal, Malpe. Further North Honnavar and Gokarna are equally well known

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Gokarna beach

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Gokarna is situated on the west coast on India, south of Goa. Go-karna literally means "cow's ear" in Hindi and Sanskrit. This name is believed to have been derived from mythological legend, in which Lord Shiva emerges from an ear of a cow. This village is formed in between two rivers, which flow together and form a landmass shaped like a cow's ear.

This place is famous for religious Hindu rituals, as well as it's wonderful (and not so secluded anymore) beaches. These beaches are separated by cliffs. There are four main beaches: Kudle beach, more..

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