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One of the wettest places in Southern India is Agumbe. When to go there depends on the choice of the traveler whether they wish to experience the beauty of its rainforests just after the intense fury of its monsoons has passed, or explore its sight-seeing places during the mild winter season. 

Visiting Agumbe in the Monsoon Season 

Agumbe receives its heaviest rains during the monsoon season that lasts from June to September. During this period the area receives more than 80 percent of the rainfall for the whole year. Experiencing the rainforests of Agumbe during the monsoons can be an adventurous opportunity for the seasoned traveler who is looking for a rain-soaked holiday. The stunning waterfalls around Agumbe such as the Kunchikal Falls can be enjoyed in their full glory during the monsoon season. However, the challenge is the searing heat and high humidity during this time of the year, which may be a deterrent for some travelers.

Post-monsoon Travel to Agumbe 

For many tourists, the best time to visit Agumbe is just after the monsoons are over. The region is lush green around this time, and the weather is moderately cool compared to the hot and humid summer and monsoons. However, just after the heavy monsoons, the area may have a higher number of leeches which are commonplace in its rainforests. The local people apply a mixture of coconut oil and crushed leaves of tobacco on their bodies. The smell from this mixture helps to keep the leeches at bay. 

Best Travel Time for Trekking Enthusiasts 

For trekkers, the best time to travel to Agumbe is from the months of October to May. The Narasimha Parvatha trekking site is one of the most popular sites, and the ideal time to come here is around December to March. The season from October to May is relatively dry, which makes it a good time for the trekkers. Prior permission for trekking needs to be taken from the local office of the Forest Department in the area. Since the rainforest is thick and dense, it is a good idea to hire the services of a local guide during your trek. 

For travelers who are looking to experience the local culture and festivals of the region, visiting during the post-monsoon period makes more sense. India’s biggest Hindu festival of Diwali is celebrated each year in October or November. Another major festival of the state of Karnataka, Rajotsava is also celebrated around the same time. This can be an ideal time to explore the region while joining in the local festivities of Agumbe at the same time.


Agumbe is located in the southern Indian state Karnatacka. Near the coast, this village does not have the varied climate of the Western Ghats or Plateau Region of Karnatacka. Winter season is during January and February and is a nice time to visit due to the pleasant and mild weather. Summer lasts is during March, April, and May is a dry, hot and uncomfortable time for tourists to visit who are from more temperate zones. Monsoon season is in June, July, August and September and accounts for 80 percent of rainfall in the state for the entire year. Post-monsoon season is mild and cooler than the summer and monsoon seasons and is the best time to visit.


The oppressive heat and humidity during the monsoon season makes traveling to Agumbe unwise for the inexperienced traveler. However, the beautiful waterfalls surrounding Agumbe such as Kunchikal Falls are at their most majestic at this time. The best time for tourists from more temperate zones to travel to Agumbe is post-monsoon season and winter. The mild and dry weather during this time perfect for hiking and viewing the rain forest. One attraction of Agumbe is watching the sun set on a clear day over the Arabian Sea (though it is a good distance away). Pack clothing appropriate for the seaon you will be visiting Agumbe, this village sees the highest rainfall in India during the monsoon season, it is important to stay dry and warm.


There are many religious festivals in Karnatacka celebrating Hindu and Muslim Holidays, most of these holidays are celebrated locally and spread throughout the year. However, the best time to visit is post-monsoon season. This is the most comfortable time of year for tourists to visit Agumbe. Diwali and the state festival of Rajvotsava occur in the post monsoon season and are the most widely celebrated holidays. Diwali is the Hindu "Holiday of Lights" and is national holiday of India and takes place between mid-October and mid-November. Rajvotsava is celebrated on November first and marks the formation of Karnataka. Indulgence and parades take place in every major city of Karnataka. You should pack light clothing as the streets of Agumbe can get very humid from the amount of people that go out on for parties and parades.

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