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Agumbe is a small village in India and a unique travel destination for those who enjoy being surrounded by nature. Local attractions include various waterfalls, 1 of India’s only permanent rainforest research stations and the Medicinal Plants Conversation Area. You may also enjoy the 14th century temples and the world renowned view of the sunset in Agumbe. To enjoy these natural attractions, travelers usually rely on the following transportation options:

Rail Transportation

Although there is no railway that runs directly to Agumbe, many take the Konkan railway to Udupi. From Udupi they either rent or hire a car to take them the 1-hour drive to Agumbe. Travelers also may take the train to Chikmangalur, about 40 km from Agumbe and then hire a taxi to complete the trip. The nearest airport is the Mangalore International Airport which is about 135 km from Agumbe.

Biking and Backpacking

Many athletic travelers have been known to use bikes to get to and travel around the Agumbe area. Many take routes from Bangalore and enjoy the challenges of getting to this beautiful small village. Some also enjoy backpacking around the Agumbe area, most hire a local guide for their trip.


One can take a direct bus from Bangalore and there are several mini-buses from neighboring cities. Many enjoy taking a bus to visit Agumbe as the trip provides a scenic route and immersion into the local culture. A traveler can take the luxury buses provided by KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation).

Hire a Car/Driver/Guide

Many travelers have hired a local guide to provide the needed information to either backpack or drive them to areas that are remote like Agumbe. A quality guide will not only get you around to various known sites, he will also be an interpreter of the local customs and cultural mores.

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