Day Trips in Agumbe

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If you are visiting the rainforest during rainy season an Agume day trip may be just the thing to liven up your vacation. Though most people who venture to trek through Agumbe do so for a love of the misty mornings, beautiful sunsets and peace and tranquility, taking a day trip from here may be what you need to liven up your trip if you will be staying in Agumbe for long.


Located on the banks of the Tunga River, Sringeri is an ancient temple town with much history and scenic areas. Additionally, due to lack of accommodation in Agumbe, many people visiting the area will stay in the his city, just 20 km away. There are 2 temples - Sharadamba temple and Vidyashankara temple - which are both famous temples in the area. From Srigeri, travel to nearby Sirimane Falls and Kodlu Theertha Falls.


Also within the dense forests of the Western Ghats, this vista point that is 7 km from Agumbe is a great trek and nice change for the day. At the Barkana platform, you will be 2000 feet above sea level with a stunning view of the Shimoga and Udupi districts. Additionally, you will have a great view of the Sita waterfall. It is possible to both drive and trek to Barkana. There is a 4 km tar road before the road turns to dirt. It is very shaded throughout most of the year, making it suitable for trekking. Pass through the tiny village of Mallandoor on the way there and see village life in this small town of just 50 families.

Jogi Gundi

This is a pond that is on the trek to Barkana. Originating from the Malapahaari River, the water of the pond flows through a cave and ranges from 30 feet to 50 feet deep. The cave keeps the water nice and cool all year and was originally carved from the water's flow. This once was a meditation spot for a saint Jogi and now makes a nice stop on a day trip away from Agumbe.

Agumbe is a great natural area that draws scores of tourist each year. Pair your trip to Agumbe with one of these exciting day trips and have the retreat of your year at this stunning location in the Western Ghats. 

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