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Kayaking at Sitanadi

Kayaking at Sitanadi


This Agumbe Travel Guide gives you a fair idea about the place. This beautiful small hill station in Karnataka, India, is a perfect  destination for jungle trekkers and wildlife lovers.


Agumbe is also known as “The Cherrapunji of South India” due to heavy rainfall. The small hill station is well-known for its rain forests and natural beauty. Situated in Shimoga district of Karnataka state in India, Agumbe is easily accessible by road and train. The nearest big cities are Mangalore, which is about 100 km, and Bangalore which is 380 km. The nearest international airport is in Mangalore. Agumbe is well-known for the only permanent rainforest research station in the country and is home to the king cobra. This hill station is a trekker’s paradise, with endless nature trails ranging from moderate to difficult.  


Agumbe’s scenic beauty has always left the visitors speechless. There are several waterfalls, streams and rivers hidden in the rain forest which always thrill the tourists visiting here.

Kunchikal Falls, at a height of 1493 feet, is the second highest waterfall in the country while Barkana Falls ranks 10th highest in the country at a height of 850 feet. Also, there is Jogigundi Falls and OnakiAbbi Falls which are favorite picnic spots of the locals. Other than waterfalls, the most popular place among the visitors here is Sunset Point. On a clear day one can get awesome view of the setting sun in the Arabian Sea. Agumbe is surrounded by rainforests which are home to many species of flora and fauna. One can visit Kudremukh National Park and Someshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. Apart from its natural beauty Agumbe also has an ancient temple of Lord Gopalakrishna which was built in 14th century. The best time to visit Agumbe is from November to January. It is perfect time to enjoy camping, trekking and water rafting during your trip here.


Agumbe, being a small village town, does not have many hotel facilities. However Mallya Residency, near the bus stand, has always been the visitor’s choice here. It is a lesser known fact that many people in Agumbe offer home stays to the visitors. This is best for those who also want to enjoy the culture and lifestyle of the residents here. If you are not satisfied with the accommodation here then there are several hotels in Udupi which offer both luxury and budget accommodations.

For those who have watched the famous rendition of R.K. Narayan’s Malgudi Days on T.V. this place will not look unfamiliar. Agumbe is a small village on the state highway, known for its sunset and beautiful treks it has to offer.

Nearby waterfalls are Onaki Abbi, Barkana falls, and Jogigundi falls. Trek the local fame, Narasimha Parvatha. You can also opt for a trek to Nisha gundi, or to Barkana falls. An upstream trek from Onaki Abbi during one of the drier seasons is remarkably scenic. Try to arrange for a local guide who’ll help with the trek routes, and it’s advisable because the jungle is dense.

Alternatively, one can tag up with the Karnataka Mountaineering Club, or one of the many adventure clubs in Bangalore for a trek to Narasimha Parvatha. Staying in the village, however, is a pleasant experience.

This place receives the highest rainfall in the state. Post monsoon is the most beautiful time to visit, never mind the leeches.

A direct bus plies between Bangalore and Agumbe. If you miss that, you can take one of the frequent buses to Shimoga. Mini-buses between Shimoga and Agumbe are abundant. There is a direct bus at 8:00 p.m. from Agumbe to Bangalore from its one shed bus stop. And you can use your credit card for this bus. a



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