Karnataka Travel Guide

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Hampi at dusk

Hampi at dusk

Brynn Tetrick

If you want to see the green lushy state where the north and the south of India truly meet, go to Karnataka. Situated on a tableland, it is bounded by Maharashtra and Goa in the north, by the Arabian sea in the West; by Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the south and by Andhra Pradesh in the east.

The capital city Bangalore, or the Garden City, has grown into a thriving city and it is the centre of the digital revolution in India. If you’re looking for action, in whatever way, this is the place to be. Business is booming, whether in the electronic, entertainment or vendors world. However, at the same time it treasures its ancient roots and many sights.

When you’re interested in history, you can’t miss out on Mysore. In the former days, the state itself was called Mysore. Nowadays, this former capital is the city of sandalwood (the smell will never leave your nose again) with many markets, fine museums and an impressive palace open to the public. On special days, concerts are held on the balcony of the palace and accessible to all people.

An absolute must when you’re in Karnataka is visiting Hampi. This 14th century capital of one of the greatest empires of the world is well preserved, not in the least because it has gained a place on the World Heritage List. It’s like going back in time when you’re strolling around the old area, visiting the old temples, walking along the old pools and rocky area. The historic city of Bijapur is equally worth a visit.

Karnataka has some beautifull beaches on the Western Coast. Starting from the south the Someshwar Beach with its Large rock jutting out into the sea and the Rock temple above is popular with tourists. Next is the famous ULLAL Beach, a clean and quiet beach with the Summer Sands Beach Resort an hot spot for tourists. The other beaches after mangalore city are the Thaneer bhavi, Panambur, surthkal, Malpe. Further North Honnavar and Gokarna are equally well known

Coorg is one of the favorite travel destinations in Karnataka which is Known for its lushy green nature,culture, people and food.

Coorg is located in the south-western part of Karnataka bordering Kerala. Coorg is around 250 Kms from Bangalore the Capital city of Karnataka.

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