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accommodation in Kanha Tiger Reserve

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Kanha Village Eco Resort

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Come, Celebrate Nature, Celebrate Life -

Kanha Village Eco Resort as the name suggests is an eco resort. We are located adjacent to a pond and dense forest. Our property follows eco friendly principals but is a luxury property with all modern amenities. We have 12 cottages and 8 rooms. Cottages and rooms are made of locally available materials like clay, mud, straw, wood etc., but bath area has been constructed with cement / bricks.

Ideally located amidst serene and peaceful surrounding, the resort offers clean, spacious and more..

type:First Class
World66 rating: [rate it]
accessibility:Easily accessable
CostOfDoubleForANight:US 325$
address:Village Boda Chhapri, Panchayat Mocha, Post Kisli, Near Kanha National Park, District Mandla, MP

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