Kanha Tiger Reserve Travel Guide

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Situated in the eastern edge of Satpura Range in the Maikal Hills, Kanha Tiger Reserve is India's prime tiger habitat. This 1947 sq.km National Park harbors over hundred tigers, 22 species of mammals, numerous reptiles, over 250 species of birds and inuumerable insect species.

The flora is unique with domination os Sal or Sarai (Shorea Robusta) in moist decidous forest zones and mixed floral species in dry decidous forested zones. The slopes of the local mountains or dadars are habituated by bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus).

Large grassy meadows or maidans intersperse the mountain ranges nurtured by small rivers. The main life support systems are Halon and Banjar river that surround the park and are the tributories of the river Narmada. 

Kanha is about hundred sixty kilometers for Jabalpur in the state of Madhya State.        


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