Top 5 Must Do's in Jammu and Kashmir

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Jammu and Kashmir, India's northernmost state, offers a vast number of Jammu and Kashmir Must Do's for tourists. The state sees a huge number of tourists annually as this place is known for its natural beauty and friendly people as well as being known as the "Switzerland of India!" Here is a list of the top five must-do's when visiting Jammu and Kashmir.

Dal Lake

Rent a house boat on the Dal Lake and enjoy a tranquil experience as you view the quiet lake from the boat's deck. If you do not wish to live on the house boat, you could always take a day's boat ride on the beautiful lake. It offers a romantic experience and is frequented by the many visiting honeymooners. Many who visit the lake do not know that the lake happens to be Kashmir's second largest lake. A boat ride will show you the well-carved wooden houseboats as well as smaller boats that sell everything ranging from food, to flowers to other knick-knacks.


Visit Kashmir Alpine, a winter adventure resort, if you want to get an adrenaline rush of a lifetime. This resort allows visitors to rent and choose from a wide selection of skiing equipment and mountain accessories like ski boots, skis, snowboards, snow suits and helmets needed to beat the rough terrain. Never gone skiing before? Don't worry, because the resort also provides ya skiing instructor or a mountain guide. You can also ask for a porter to carry your things.

River Rafting

Head for a wild experience to the River Lidder near Pahalgam where you and your group can go white water rafting. Other famous rivers that offer river rafting facilities are the River Indus and the Zanskar River. Or, you can choose to go whitewater canoeing on rivers like the Sindh and Suru for a quieter experience. There are a good number of private agencies that offer these one-day trips.

Amarnath Cave Temple

This temple is another reason why many people visit Jammu and Kashmir. It is in this very cave that an ice linga of Shiva forms mysteriously every year from May to August. It is one of the holiest sites for the Hindus and thus sees thousands of pilgrims and curious visitors annually.

Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary

Stretching over 34 sq km, this wildlife sanctuary has many animal, bird and plant species. You can be sure to see grey langur, monkeys, wild boar, leopards, porcupines, peacocks and other colorful birds here. The sanctuary itself is known for its varied terrain and has derived its name from the nearby Nandini Village. Book yourself on to a safari offered by many tour agencies in the area.

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