Festivals in Srinagar

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As Srinagar is a city of diverse cultures, Srinagar Festivals feature the variegated cultural nuances and traditions reigning in this city of lakes and houseboats.

Lohri Festival

Lohri, also known as Makar Sankranti, is celebrated in Srinagar every year on January 13. First, Lohri is very crucial for newly wedded couples and those expecting their first child as Lohri festival signifies fertility. At night a bonfire is lighted around which boys perform a special dance known as ‘Chajja.’

Navroz Festival

The Shia Muslims in Srinagar celebrate Navroz Festival amidst feast, frolic and merriment. Spanning 9 days, this festival makes it mandatory for all the Shia Muslims in the state to congregate in mosques to offer prayers. The prayer is followed by Muslim devotees embracing and greeting each other. They wear new clothes and visit their relatives and friends to wish Navroz Mubarok. Special foods like biriyani, kabab, phirni are prepared at home to celebrate this occasion.

Urs Festival

Quintessentially a Kashimiri festival, Urs is celebrated every year on the death anniversaries of Islamic saints. Besides Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs also partake in this festival. In Srinagar, both Hindus and Muslims avoid meat during the festival. Collective participation of different religions and communities in the Urs celebration makes it stand out from the rest of the festivals.

Baisakhi Festival

Baisakhi Festival also known as Harvest Festival is a popular festival of northern parts of India. Srinagar too celebrates the occasion with great fanfare. The day of Baisakhi festival is an auspicious day to be considered for wedding. Many marriages take place on this day. Further, the formation of the Khalsa sect by the Sikh saint Guru Gobind Singhji on the day of Baisakhi back in 1699 also marks its significance. Numerous fairs are held all across Srinagar with thousands of people taking part in the festivities to celebrate the occasion.

Ramzan Festival

Ramzan also known as the month of fasting is celebrated on the ninth month of the Islamic calender. People in Srinagar celebrate Ramzan by fasting through the day, paying a visit to mosques regularly to offer prayers and reading through ‘Holy Koran’. During the entire month of fasting, the Muslim people refrain from smoking and drinking alchohol. The evenings of Ramzan month are celebrated with feast and togetherness when family and friends visit each other. The Ramzan month ends with the festivities of Eid Ul Fitr. Different Muslim cuisines are prepared at home to celebrate the Eid Ul Fitr occasion amid feast and gaiety.

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