Beaches in Srinagar

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Those interested in Srinagar Beaches can enjoy the numerous lakes in and around the city.

Dal Lake in Srinagar

The most renowned of all of them is the Dal Lake. It is also the second largest lake in the state. The lake is within walking distance from the main city. The total area of the lake is about 6 kilometers in length and 4 kilometers in width. It is divided into four parts and they are Bod Dal, Nagin Lake, Lokut Dal and Gagribal.

Beauty of Dal Lake

The lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides. The banks are home to various gardens and orchards. Visiting Dal Lake is like watching the raw beauty of Mother Nature. Surprisingly, man has never been able to create a spell of enchanting beauty like this so far. This is where nature is more creative. Imagine just listening to the oars of the boat in the lake water, smelling flowers and watching the sun playing its color on the hills with the snow clad Himalayas at the backdrop. The amazing part is you can see the changing mood of the lake with the time. No words could ever describe the feeling. You have to experience it. Also there are several small islands that attract the tourist with their serenity.

Things to do in Dal Lake

Shikara Ride

Your visit to Dal Lake will be incomplete without the Shikara ride. These are small sized traditional boats that are decorated with vibrant colors and give a royal feeling. The ride will take you along the backwaters of Dal Lake where you can see the trees, gardens and floating garden of flowers or vegetables. The rates for the ride vary from distance to the number of people. And the locals do not over charge much.

House Boat Tour

These are cruise boats anchored on the banks of Dal Lake which are fully furnished with five star amenities. Most of the furnishings are done with the handicraft work of the Kashmiri craftsmen. These are the mother boats which own the Shikaras. The floating market is a specialty here where you can find almost everything from vegetables to crafts.

Sightseeing Tour in Dal Lake

The famous Mughal Garden is on the banks of Dal Lake. The garden is well known for its variety of flowers. Nishat Garden, Shalimar Garden and Chashma Shahi Garden are part of Mughal Garden. Pari Mahal is another main attraction which is adjacent to Chashma Shahi Garden. You can also visit the Mughal Fort at Hari Parbat on the banks of Dal Lake.

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