Kulgam Travel Guide

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Kulgam is located at 33.65°N 75.02°E.[1] It has an average elevation of 1739 metres (5705 feet). Now it is a separate District of Jammu and Kashmir. Kulgam is famous because of so many things especially because of famous religious saint (Sayed Simnan Sahib), who gave it the name KULGOM (KUL means stream & GOM means Lost), because he lost something in the stream. Syed Simnan came from a place called Simnan in Iran. Travelling in the Kashmir valley he came to Kulgam and liked the spot on a cliff overlooking river Veshaw. He made Kulgam his permanent abode and was buried at the very spot he had found fascinating. His 'aastan' is a great draw from the population in and around Kulgam. The family of Syed Simnan is buried in a nearby village called 'Amun'. Both the shrines have a masonry plinth and a wooden superstructure of excellent quality deodars. He was known for his mystical powers and had devotees amongst Muslims as well as Hindus. One of his well known Hindu devotees was Pandit Aftab Ram who ran a shop outside the gate of the Syed Sahib's shrine. Kulgam also has a large size jama masjid, which is believed to have been the site of a Kali temple before the spread of Islam.
Kulgam also derives its name from the deity Kolvageswari. Her temple still exists in the town of Kulgam. The folklore says that the deity appeared in the dream of a local official and directed him to a spot in the river Veshav to recover her material form and to establish her temple. This manifestation of deity is in the form of a rock shaped naturally into a woman sitting with her knees raised. The deity is the personal to all Hindu population of the town most of whom have since migrated to the plains outside Kashmir valley owing to rise of Pak inspired militancy in Kashmir valley. Ahrabal is the famous tourist spot in district Kulgam. It is a very high and beautiful Waterfall, which is a major source of river Veshaw. It draws its name from Lord Vishnu because it emanates from the lake Konsernag at a spot called Vishnupaad. Tripur Sondri is Temple located in village Devsar on the right bank of Veshaw a few miles downstream of Kulgam' over a hilly slope. It was a very venerable spot for local Hindus. Kulgam is known as the rice bowl of the valley and is known for its variety of fruit especially apples. This town is a picturesque place nestling on the bank of river Veshaw across the wide spread of which are the foothills of great Pir Panchal mountains. The people of Kulgam have been traditionally tolerant and peace loving. Amongst prominent people belonging Kulgam are Professor Shyamlal Pandit who was a highly respected teacher of the valley and who served as the head of English department in Kashmir University, Shamboonath Pandit who was the first law graduate and advocate of the tehsil Kulgam. The latter was a member of National Conference and presided over the Debt Extinguishing Board constituted after the end of Maharaja's rule to give relief to farmers from excessive burden of debt. He was also president of local National Conference as well as the local Bar Association for several years. Both of them were the sons of Pandit Aftab Ram a staunch devotee of Syed Simnan Sahib. Another prominent person from Kulgam was Dr Balji Nath Pandit a renowned Sanskrit teacher and scholar. He received President of India's honour on his scholarship and was a known authority on Kashmir Saivism. Kulgam produced several other accomplished people who live all over the world.A.K.Pandita an agri. scientist lives presently here.He served at many positions in the gazetted cadre to the state. Despite all odds he never migrated outside the valley