Family Travel Ideas in Jammu and Kashmir

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Planning for Jammu and Kashmir family travel is very easy if you know what to expect in this northernmost state of India. Jammu and Kashmir is situated near the Himalayan Mountains and is famous for its scenic mountain views and lakes. This is the reason why it is becoming a popular destination for vacationing families. To enjoy your travel to Jammu and Kashmir, here are some of the activities that your family can do to enjoy your vacation in this region.

The Shikaras

Jammu and Kashmir is famous for its house boats called the Shikaras. You can see the Shikaras in the lakes that surround the region. You can also arrange for a guided tour inside one of the Shikaras. Your entire family will surely enjoy riding one.

Mountain Resort

This resort is located 2,650 meters above sea level. During summer, your entire family can enjoy playing golf in the wide golf club, which is considered to be the highest golf course in the world. During winter, your entire family can enroll on a ski or snow boarding lesson, which is taught by professional instructors in the resort.

River Rafting

If your entire family is up for an adventure, then you can head off to Ladakh which is located near the Himalayas to engage in river rafting. There are guided tours that arrange rafting along the river in Ladakh, but since you are traveling with your entire family, you need to choose the easy route so that you will not be facing big rapids and rocks while you raft along the river.

The Town Of Leh

Also located in Ladakh, the town of Leh is small and this is frequented by tourists who want to explore a bit of the Himalayas. Since it is frequented by tourists, there are a lot of modern shops here where your children will be able to find important snacks and clothing. Touring the town is also a great way to meet up with other vacationing families.

The Base of the Himalayas

There are guided tours in Leh for those families who are interested to trek along the base of the Himalayas. Your children will surely love seeing the different wildlife in the region. However, before you embark on this trip, you need to make sure that your whole family wears durable hiking shoes.

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