Budget Travel Ideas in Jammu and Kashmir

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Save Money on Your Travel to Jammu and Kashmir

You might want to make use of this Jammu and Kashmir budget travel guide to plan a vacation to this amazing destination. Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Here are a few tips you can use to avoid spending too much money on your vacation.

Visit in the Spring or in the Autumn

You can cut some expenses if you visit Jammu and Kashmir in the spring or in the autumn. The weather is still great during these seasons, but the prices of all the hotels, restaurants and services are significantly lower and you will be able to save a serious amount of money.

Budget Transportation

The first thing you can save from is local transportation. Instead of using expensive taxis, ride on the small 3-wheeled auto-rickshaws, which will cost you no more than $3 for a trip around the city. These are small and lovely vehicles capable of accommodating up to three passengers.

Budget Hotels

Budget stay is possible in all the cities of Jammu and Kashmir. Avoid the bigger 2 and 3-star hotels, and stay at one of the smaller family-run guesthouses and hostels. The living conditions there are simple, but you will sleep for as low as $12 per night, thus saving at least $10 each day. Such places are Aarkay Hotel and Apsara Hotel in Srinagar, and Ashiana Hotel and Hotel Swagat in Jammu City.

Budget Restaurants

For a low-cost eating out, go out at one of the many fast food centers, instead of visiting the local restaurants. These include Domino's Pizza and Jewel's Fast Food in Jammu City, Ruby and Shamyana in Srinagar and Himalaya Café in Leh. At all these places, you can eat delicious Indian and international food for less than $10, without really restraining yourself.

Budget Attractions

There are a good number of attractions in Jammu and Kashmir that you don't need to pay for. All the colorful monasteries in the region and all the scenic nature sights (like the Aharbal waterfall) are absolutely free to visit. Jammu and Kashmir is popular with its countless trekking routes and all the attractive trails are free to walk on.

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