Beaches in Jammu and Kashmir

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Traveling to India allows you to take in some of the beautiful countryside including the Jammu and Kashmir beaches and lakes. The lakes in the area provide recreation, swimming to enjoy for everyone on vacation. There are no traditional sand beaches in the area, but there are plenty of lakefront activities to enjoy.

Mansar Lake

The Mansar Lake is located near Jammu and is a beautiful lake about a mile in length. It is a popular tourist stop, and many people enjoy the lake for its recreation and the countryside. It is also a Holy site which has a shrine located on the eastern bank of the lake. You can also enjoy the temples located along the banks of the lake.

Nagin Lake

The Nagin lake is located near Srinagar and Kashmir. It is best to see during the summer months and has many attractions that include houseboats, swimming and water sports. There are also quiet spots along the lake to enjoy a nice picnic or take time to enjoy the views of the water and houseboats along the shores.

Tso Moriiri

The lake is located in the Changthank area and is near the high altitude lakes. It is one of the largest lake areas in the region. The lake has access during the summer months in India for everyone to enjoy, and there is recreation available which is open during the summer. Travelers can enjoy boating, and children can enjoy watching crocodiles.

Wular Lake

Wular Lake is located near Jammu and Kashmir. The lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in India. It is known for its great spots to take a picnic and is one of the best lakes to enjoy in the region. There are plenty of spots located along the shores to enjoy a nice picnic and to relax and enjoy the views around the lake.

Mansabal Lake

The Mansabal Lake is one of the largest natural locations and is a great lake to see during the summer months. There are lotus flowers floating along the top of the lake, and there are gardens built around the lake. You can enjoy and relax in the quiet and scenic area around the lake.

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