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Himachal Pradesh is a large state in India situated in the Himalayas. Mcleodganj is situated at about 5,500 feet above sea level and is covered in snow most of the year. Himachal Pradesh has three seasons: summer season, the rainy season and winter. Based on the time of year you choose to visit, there are dangers associated with each season, as well as a variety of festivals and activities to chose from, which are some things to consider when scheduling your vacation.

April-July (Summer)

Known as the "hot" season in this region, temperatures average in the 80s (Fahrenheit), with the temperatures decreasing the higher you travel in the mountain range. Due to the heat, activities are not as frequent as they are around the beginning of the year or towards the end of winter, when the temperatures become more bearable. If you are planning on doing some hiking in the area when you visit, you may want to plan your vacation around the beginning of summer after the snow melts or towards the end of summer before the rain hits, to avoid getting stuck on a hike in 90 degree weather.

July-November (Rainy)

AVOID TRAVEL DURING THIS TIME!!! Known as the monsoon season in Mcleodganj, this is the most dangerous time of year to travel to this region. With heavy rainfall happening nearly nonstop, the majority of roads you need to use to travel up the mountainsides are closed due to mudslides resulting from the downpours and flash floods. Not only are activities nearly extinct during these four months, it's simply to dangerous to travel.

November-April (Winter)

The time of year when the majority of festivals and local events are held is during the winter months in Mcleodganj. Snow is certainly not enough to spoil the fun of locals and tourists during the winter season in Himachal Pradesh. December through February is the time when most of the festivals are held, ensuring that visitors are not sweating to death while participating in local dances. If traveling in snow is not your cup of tea, choose to visit Mcleodganj towards the beginning or the end of this season, to make sure you don't have to risk traveling in these conditions.

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