Nightlife and Entertainment in Mcleodganj

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Mcleodganj nightlife doesn’t have much to offer travelers who love partying or clubbing as it is the headquarters of the Tibetan Government in exile. Nonetheless, this small town does have quite a few places to visit during the after hours. Although you won’t find too many clubs around the place, there are some bars and restaurants that offer tourists a nice place to unwind.

Tavern, The Bar

Located on the roof top, Tavern is a great place to kickback with a few drinks after a long day of exploring the town. This bar serves a variety of domestic and international drinks. It also has a number of exotic punches and cocktails. Tavern offers private surroundings and the view of a beautiful sky line which can give tourists a pleasurable experience.

X-Cite Bar and Restaurant

This is one of the most well known pubs in Mcleodganj, mainly because it is the only place with a dance floor. It is located in the main square of the town and has a lot of live music. Tourists can pick from a range of wines and cocktails while enjoying trance, rock and hip-hop music here. Those who love a discotheque need not be disappointed either as the place becomes a discotheque twice in a week. However, only couples are allowed to enter at these times. It also serves Tibetan, Chinese, Continental and Mexican cuisines.

Mcllo Bar and Restaurant

If you are looking for a place that serves good beer and wines, Mcllo bar and restaurant is an ideal hangout. This place is popular among both tourists and locals because of its casual atmosphere. The restaurant in this bar also has very good Tibetan and Chinese food. Travelers looking for something different can also try the Israeli, South Indian and Continental dishes. 

Roof Top Restaurant and Bar

Located in the Asian Plaza Hotel, this open air restaurant is a great place to enjoy a few quite drinks with family and friends. The place serves a number of whiskeys and wines. It also offers tourists a spectacular view of the snow capped Dhauladhar Mountains. You can also enjoy Indian, Chinese, South Indian and Continental food here. The only disappointment is that you have to get your fill of drinks before 11 p.m. as that’s when the bar closes.

Families with children looking for a different kind of entertainment can check out the video parlors in the center of the town that offer a wide selection of movies. There are also several pool halls that allow tourists to rack up tables till about 10 p.m. Remember to carry an flashlight when traveling around Mcleodganj at night as the roads are not always lit well.

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