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Set in a visually stunning environment in the Dhauladhar mountain range, McLeod Ganj is both historically and spiritually significant. For this reason it is home to a variety of intriguing museums.

Spiritual Museums

The Dalai Lama´s Temple is one of the most spiritually energizing places on earth. It is filled with statues of important Buddhist figures, Tibetan prayer flags and ¨mani¨ stones. Having a tranquil atmosphere and messages of peace, love, and happiness makes this a relaxing oasis. The museum is open from sunrise to sunset everyday, and in the early hours of morning, you are welcome to observe the monks meditating and chanting.

Another interesting place to visit is the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives.

Historical Museums

The main museum of history in McLeod Ganj is the Tibet Museum. It is part of the Tsuglagkhang Complex and features harsh reminders of the Chinese occupation of Tibet, and the exodus of Tibetans. It is a multimedia museum displaying videos and photos. The Tibet Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Admission is Rs. 5.

The Gu Chu Sum Monement Gallery covers the same topic as the Tibet Museum. Former political prisoners were involved in the formation of this gallery that displays countless photographs leading you through the political oppression the people of Tibet had to suffer through at the hands of the Chinese.

Environmental Museums

The natural beauty of McLeod Ganj is being polluted and destroyed, little by little, due to disregard for the environment. For this reason, the Tibetan Welfare Office decided to attack this issues head on by creating the Environmental Educational Center, which is both interesting and informative and helps people understand why it is important to take better care their surroundings.

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Naam Art Gallery

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Naam Art Gallery Sidhbari Dharamsala
Naam Art Gallery Sidhbari Dharamsala
photo by: Prbali

NAAM ART GALLERY  exhibits permanently paintings by Elsbeth Buschmann - watercolours and acrylics - and oil paintings by Alfred W. Hallett.

 Elsbeth Buschmann, is a professional painter from Germany, having studied painting in London and Paris .She lived in many countries where she held exhibitions, especially in the USA where she received various awards. Her paintings are in private collections in Germany, more..

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accessibility:by car/bus
openingHours:10.00 am Closing Hours 7.00pm
address:Main road Sidhbari Dharamsala

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