Eating Out in Mcleodganj

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India is known for its hot curries and endless spices used in a variety of ethnic cuisine. In Mcleodganj, you will not be disappointed with the variety of restaurants and dishes this city has to offer. Whether grabbing a quick bite to eat at an outdoor market or dining in style at a high-end restaurant, Mcleodganj has it all.

Marketplace Food

Like any tourist-based city, local stalls in the town center offer traditional Tibetan cuisine on a daily basis for very cheap. Especially rampant during festivals, grabbing a quick bite from a street vendor not only is quick and easy, but often gets you the most traditional and culturally accurate cuisine. The dishes are not tweaked to please tourists.

Dreamchasers Alley

A true location for variety, Dreamchasers Alley is a bowling alley that offers national and international cuisine you can eat while enjoying a fun evening with your family bowling. Perfect for a casual and entertaining night out, Dreamchasers Alley is also home to a sports bar where you can kick back, have a few drinks and take a shot at stardom singing karaoke.

Tea House - Dalai Lama's Residence

Being the home of the Dalai Lama, it is impossible to visit Mcleodganj without a visit to the house of His Holiness. Situated on the right side of his residence is a small, one story tea house with sensational views of the mountain range. For less than $10, tea at the residence of the Dalai Lama makes for a perfect afternoon snack and the experience alone is well worth the small cost.

Hotel India House Restaurant

Being a Tibetan town, Mcleodganj primarily serves Tibetan food. If you are searching for a restaurant that serves more traditional Indian cuisine, the restaurant located inside the Hotel India House is the perfect spot. A large selection of gourmet food, this restaurant is the place to go for a romantic evening out.

Shangrila Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Mcleodganj for traditional Tibetan cuisine, the Shangrila Restaurant is run by Tibetan monks. Offering the very best of Tibetan food such as mo-mos, soups and much more, food is very reasonably priced with an average meal right about $10. Perfect for a taste of ethnic Tibetan food, a stop at the Shangrila Restaurant for lunch or dinner is a must.

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