7 Day Itinerary in Mcleodganj

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Mcleodganj is a pilgrimage site, and it is hard to visit this place and not be amazed by its natural wonders. In order to take advantage of all the beauty which Mcleodganj has to offer, you should make an itinerary and make sure you're not missing out on anything. Below is an itinerary which will take you to Mcleodganj's highlights.

Day One - Bhagsu Waterfall

On day one, people can visit Bhagsu Waterfall which 2 miles away from the nearest village. Though the water looks inviting, visitors should stay refrain from swimming as the tide is strong and it can drag someone in.

Day Two - Dal Lake

On the second day visit the marvelous wonders that Little Lhasa has to offer and enjoy Dal Lake. Take a walk around the lake and revel in the scenic beauty which surrounds the area.

Day Three - Visiting the Yogi Cottage

People that want to practice their yoga skills can visit the Yogi Cottage. There are many different yoga classes given during the day.

Day Four - Tsuglag Khang

Tsuglag Khang is the residence of the Dalai Lama. This temple has many different statues that are important to Buddhism. One of the statues in the palace was donated by Princess Wen Chang.

Day Five - Dharamkot Village

Dharamkot Village is full of green trees and tranquility. The place has an eco-friendly atmosphere and it also has many accommodations for families. Most of the lodging spaces have amply furnished rooms. This village is a one of the best parts of Mcleondganj, and offers a good way to gain knowledge of the local customs.

Day Six - Bhagsunag Waterfalls

Visiting the Bhagsunag Waterfalls is a good idea for people that love to hike and see the outdoors. It is best to start walking towards the waterfall before the sun rises; when the sun is up it gets unbearably hot. The good part about the waterfall is that many local vendors sell tea, coffee and snacks for a modest fee.

Day Seven - Triund Dharamshala

Triund Dharamshala looks majestic with its tea gardens. People can visit these gardens and feel like they are in a Bollywood movie. The road to Triund Dharamshala is long but the landscapes are beautiful.

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