Sight Seeing in Kullu

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Sight Seeing:

The famous sigh seeing in kullu is Raghunath Temple, Biji Mahadev Temple, Saryolsar Lake, Banjar, Khirganga which is also apicnic spot, Malana and Manikaran.

Biji Mahadev Temple: This Temple is situated at a distance of 14 Km from Kullu and can be approached by Bus or Taxi is ta an altitude of 7874 Ft above the Sea Level. You will have to walk atleast 2 to 3 Kms to reach at Temple. The "Shivling" inside this temple is famous for its periodically drawn lightening and becasue of this this shatters into pieces. This pieces are then assembled with the help of butter in to the original shape by the pujaris or priest of the temple. Some believes that there is some metal which is like platinum in the roof and becasue of this the shivling shatters or splits in to pieces but no one is sure about it.

Saryolsar LakeK This Beautiful Lake is situated in the Valley and that is also at a height of 10280 Ft. One can approach to this lake by passing through Jalori pass via Banjar. Its a very good experience by walk with the surrounding nature and beauty.

Raghunath Temple: It is believed that in the 17th Century, Maharaja jagat Singh of Kullu comitted a sin and to cover the mistake he sent his troup to Ayodhya to get the Statue of Lord Rama.

Malana: Malana is famous amongst the Trekkers and this place is the paradise for them. Situated at a height of 8640 and there are two different routes to visit this place. Either you can take a route via Rashol at a height of 10000 ft or you can take a different route from Chanderkhani which is at a height of 12000 ft. This two routes are covered for atleast six months because of Snow.

Manikaran: The place is famous for its Sulphur Springs is at a drive distance of 45 Kms.from Kullu and on the bank of river Parvati. Thousand of Hindus and Sikhs Community people visits this pilgrime place and take a dip in this Sulphure Spring. The water in this spring is so hot that If you will keep Rice or Dal tied up in a cloth and dipped inside this spring for a few minutes, it will be ready for eating.

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