Sights in Bir Billing

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Bir Tibetan Colony

In the woods: Sherab Ling monastery with huge temple-room with huge golden Maitreya statue. Also admire much smaller Tara-shrine room on first floor. One can either walk (one-and-a-half hour)  there or take a cab. Lunch can be had in restaurant. Beautiful row of stupa's on the back of the monastery on the road to Bajnath. Next to the stupa's is another coffeeshop. You may now walk on to Bajnath and see beautiful old Shiva temple there, have fresh orange juice next to bus station and go back by bus to Bir.


Upper Bir (=Indian Bir)

Continue on mainroad onto path uphill. After a few minutes, walk down to river and bathe in one of the natural pools.


Go to Billing for beautiful mountain-top sight and to see paragliders take of from the top. Share cab with some paragliders from Tibetan Colony at about 9.30 a.m. in front of Emaho-cafe to climb to Billing (one hour ride). Most of the time, a beautiful old couple that lives on top of the mountain is waiting on you to serve you tea, chapati and omelets. There are possibilities to stay overnight. Either walk back down (takes a few hours) or go back by cab.

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