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Kurukshetra is the land of Mahabharata, where lord Krishna gave the lesson of Geeta to the world i.e. the reality of life is to work with devotion and for truth.

The battle between the Pandavas and the Kauravas was fought on the plains of Kurukshetra. This is where Lord Krishna instructed Arjuna. Kurukshetra is also called "Dharmkshetra" which means "Land of Dharma".

Kurukshetra is a district of the now northern Indian state of Haryana. 860 places of pilgrimage related to the Mahabharata and Gita exist there today. It is also called " The Holy Land",  " Land of Mahabharat". It is about 150 km / 100 miles northwest of Delhi, about a 5 hour drive by cab from Mathura\Vrindavan. It is rich Agricultural land and populated with temples. Kurukshetra was named after King Kuru who possessed super excellent righteous qualities and performed devotional service in this area.

In the very first verse of Bhagwad-Gita, Kurukshetra is described as DHARAMKSHETRA i.e. "A place to perform Dharma". According to the Vedas, the name Kurukshetra refers to a area of about 48 x 128 Km which now includes a large number of holy places, temples and tanks connected with the Ancient traditions, Mahabharat War, and the ancestors of Kauravas and Pandavas. It is said that after performing a great yajna, Lord Brahma created the universe from here. It is said that Manu wrote his Manu-smriti here, and that the Rig and Sama Vedas were compiled in this place. Buddha also visited Kurukshetra. It has more than 365 temples, so also known as a place of temples.


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