Baroda Jind Travel Guide

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Baroda (बड़ोदा) Badonda (बड़ोंदा) Baronda (बड़ोंदा) Badoda (बड़ोदा) is a gotra of Jats. They live in Madhy Baroda Twon and Barodi village . Badonda (बड़ोंदा) Baronda (बड़ोंदा) Badoda (बड़ोदा) is a gotra of Jats district of Haryana  under Jind Tehsil.A Muslam family live here but in 1947 after partion they migrate to Pakistan.They are (Abasi Muslim )but because of Barodi village famous  as Barodiwal or Barodi.The royal family are Sikhs of the Sidhu gotra and major gotra Chahal also in many villages like as Baroda, Barodi.a Pradesh and Rajasthan and in Baroda Twon and Barodi village.