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By Rail: I have tried to give here the details for your most convinience, so that you can plan accordingly, but it will be Better to check the Exact Train Timmings and Details here. Vadodara and Baroda are the same Names used, almost everywhere, so dont get confused.

Mumbai to Baroda ( Gujarat Express - 9011) Daily, Time: 5.45

Mumbai to Baroda ( Shatabdi Express - 2009) Except Friday, Time: 6.25

Mumbai to Baroda ( Karnavati Express - 2933) Except Wednesday, Time: 13.40

Mumbai to Baroda ( Saurashtra Express - 9215) Daily, Time: 7.55

Bandra to Baroda (Sayajinagari Express - 2963) Daily, Time: 14.40

Bandra to Baroda ( Bandra Bikaner Express - 4708) Daily, Time: 15.00

Last modified on 12th January, 2002.

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