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facàde detail: bohrawad in siddhpur

facàde detail: bohrawad in siddhpur


Not very popular with tourists, local or outside, this little quiet town was once capital of Gujarat. its past grandeure is visible in Rudramal` now in ruins, once it is said to be a seven storey structure with stone and perhaps wood.

Though this monument is not easily accessible (entry in premises prohibited and photogtaphy not allowed) one can walk inside informally with guard's permission.

Yet, most interesting factor for Siddhpur to claim tourist attention is its bohra wads. the residential areas of Muslim Bohra community. Bohra houses were built perhaps more than a hundred years by the trader community people who settled abroad, but sent money to build house in their native. a clear european influence is visible on fac des and deoration as well as its unique streets. since most of the owners resie outside the country, one finds the streets quite empty, very unusual for indian streets.

Siddhpur also has interesting local bazaar street.

Sidhpur can be visited in a day trip from ahmedabad, and also can be combined with modhera and patan on same route.


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