Patan Travel Guide

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Patan, Ancient Capital of Gujarat, is famous for Architectural Beauty of "Rani Ni Vaav" (meaning queens's step well also known as "Rani Ki Vaav" or "Rankivaav") and "Sahsra Ling Talav" (Meaning "Lake with Thousand Shiv Lings") and special sarees known as "Patola". The ancient City was to the North-East of Present day Patan. Apart from "Rani Ni Vaav" & "Sahsra Ling Talav"  a small portion of Fort Surrounding the city is still intact and can be seen while going from the New City to "Rani Ni Vaav" & "Sahsra Ling Talav". The new City was also a walled one and built around 600 years back by the Sultans of Gujarat before Ahmedshah shifted the capital to Ahemedabad in late 15th Century.

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