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ambe dham Godhra mandvi kutch

ambe dham Godhra mandvi kutch

Gujarat can be divided into three parts, Kutch being one of them. Kutch lies rather isolated from the rest of Gujarat and is divided into two main parts, being Little Rann and Big Rann. The two names are derived from the river Rann that floods large parts of the area during the monsoon. The good thing about this is that it attracts a lot of special waterbirds. The Shivrati festival is quite famous because of its folk dances, live music and markets.

The major sea port is Kandla and the two major cities are Gandhidham and Bhuj.

Kutch is also a very good bird watching destination. It has Kutch bustard sanctuary,Chari dhund,Jakhau,Tera done,Naliya done,Soneri hills etc.Birdinh hot spots. Very good saty facility is available near Naliya and Tera grasslands,  at KERC, Tera.

In January 2001, Gujarat was hit by a severe earthquake. Except for the natural surroundings, Bhuj vanished. Disappeared into nothingness. Many of its inhabitans were killed. Due to the resilience of the local people today Bhuj and other parts of Kutch have been reconstructed. Many heritage monuments have been restored. Kutch is also one of the best places to see and buy very fine quality handicrafts. Some of the famous ones are hand embroidery, bandhani, weaving, ajarakh printing, bell making, lacquer work, leather work, patchwork, applique, batik and a hoard of others.

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