Day Trips in Gujarat

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Gujarat hotels vary in price and quality, but it is certain that every traveler will find what he or she needs in this region. Gujarat is also one of the most industrialized states in the country, making it an excellent tourist attraction. So whether you want a cheaper hotel, or a luxurious and expensive hotel, Gujarat has much to choose from. Read on to learn more about the hotels you will find in Gujarat and what to expect from them.

Economy Hotels of Gujarat

In Gujarat, you will find reasonably low-priced hotels that are also clean and well-equipped. These hotels mostly interest middle class businessmen who come to Gujarat for business meetings, although economy hotels can be used by any kind of traveler. Because Gujarat is such an industrialized area, these hotels are usually quite modern. They generally offer amenities such as room service, parking, television, swimming pools and other features that would appeal to most when looking for a quality hotel. And fortunately, in Gujarat, traveling in comfort and cleanliness does not have to mean spending a large amount of money.

Luxury Hotels of Gujarat

There are numerous luxurious and comfortable hotels in Gujarat for travelers who are looking to spend more money on their accommodations while they visit the region. Gujarat luxury hotels offer visitors with only the finest accommodations available, and are equipped with modern features and amenities that any traveler would enjoy. Amenities generally include AC, television, maintained furniture and room service. Many of these hotels even offer great restaurants for their customers. A few of the most luxurious hotels in Gujarat include the Nilambag Palace Hotel, the Utelia Palace, Balaram Palace Resort, and the Wankaner Palace.

Gujarat Heritage Hotels

In Gujarat, the Heritage hotels provide travelers with the perfect opportunity to experience royalty and luxurious comfort. The Heritage hotels are located in the most picturesque areas of the region, and offer a wide array of features to customers. These royal mansions were at one time the home of Gujarat royalty, and have since been converted to Heritage hotels. The rooms of these hotels are a mix between modern and traditional luxury. While they maintain the royal traditional look they had years ago, they are stocked with convenient and modern amenities for customers. The Heritage hotels also have beautiful gardens and lakes on the premises, and breathtaking landscape for travelers to enjoy peacefully. If you truly want to experience Gujarat in its utmost beauty and elegance, the Heritage hotels are the place to be.



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