Things to do in Ahmedabad

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Heritage Walk

Take the heritage walk starting from Swaminarayana Temple in Kalupura and ending in Jumma Masjid. There is a slide show that explains the various aspects of the walk followed by 2 hours of walk through Poles in walled city of Ahmedabad. though you would like the streets to be more clean and have lesser dogs, but nonetheless the guide takes you through the history of the place and for those visiting from outside India, it is a good experience to see the large joint families living together.


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If you are visiting in winter you can enjoy a One day picnic to Nalsarovar . A bird watchers paradise as plenty of rare siberean bird can be spotted here. It is a huge shallow water body accessible by road from ahmedabad nearly 70Km.

Plan the trip early in the morning for the best sights


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